Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for your outstanding service and commitment to Sullivan Tire Company (Sullivan). MFK Associates, Inc. ("MFK”) has played a key role in enabling Sullivan to grow to over sixty (60) retail locations across New England. From the early stages of planning and due diligence through the certificate of occupancy of each new site, the MFK team is there to anticipate and address every detail.

MFK has been a trusted advisor and construction manager for Sullivan for over ten (10) years and has performed at the highest level at all times. The professionalism shown by MFK’s staff and oversight is second to none and they receive my highest recommendation.

MFK has been extremely flexible and has worked on a multitude of projects from ground up construction to large scale retrofits. The challenges of performing construction in an operational facility are extreme. MFK is always very proactive in avoiding any inconveniences to daily operations and, most importantly, very sensitive to protecting the safety of our customers and employees.

I feel fortunate to have MFK on my development team and I thank them for their outstanding efforts and look forward to many more years of work together”
Roy A. Donlon - Director of Real Estate, Associate General Counsel, Sullivan Tire Company

"I have had the pleasure to work with MFK over the past 10 years on multiple projects. We have worked together on commercial projects that have ranged from $45,000 to $6 million with several being a challenge and resulted in the professionalism I’ve come to expect from MFK. A substantial number of projects have been for Sullivan Tire Corporation. We are presently working on two projects for Sullivan Tire in Maine.

MFK has a unique manner of completing these projects. His "hands on” approach allows MFK to complete each project on schedule, within budget, and with a high degree of quality. It’s refreshing to have a qualified Construction Manager which completes a project entirely and doesn’t have to go back and take care of any outstanding issues.

He has established a trusted team of sub-contractors over this period of time, who work well together to the benefit of his clients. He also has a unique ability to push the project forward no matter what difficulties arise. He doesn’t sit by and wait for everyone else to come up with all the answers. He typically will contribute cost saving suggestions to help his client keep costs to a minimum and still end up with a quality product.

MFK also has the unique ability to incorporate the cost, of the less defined scope of work that may not be clearly specified in the initial drawings, into his initial budget estimates. This keeps the chance of significant surprises during construction, to a minimum.”
John Brennan, AIA, NCARB - Principal, John T. Brennan & Associates, Architects

"Thank you for the tireless effort that you extended to us, with quality workmanship and the most professional project management that I’ve ever been associated with. Sure we changed the floor rating to withstand 120-ton equipment, relocated the door and added a pit in the eleventh hour… OK, so we added a new electrical service trench, two more access ports to the foundation, some sheet rock 50 feet up the wall and some landscaping and still you were able to bring the project to completion within our 6 week time frame. MFK Associates will undoubtedly succeed in any challenge that they are faced with.”
Vincent Massua - Operations Manager, Centorr Vacuum Industries

"It was through the outstanding efforts of your firm that we were able to complete this project on schedule and under budget. There have been very few firms that have been as enjoyable to work with and none which had as positive attitude as MFK Associates.

The true test of the quality of a construction manager is how he performs when there are problems. You kept the best interest of the project at the forefront and did what was needed. The owner was so shocked by that attitude. This has more value to me than initial low price as many construction firms play the game of bidding low to get the job and then issuing claims for change orders.”
Allan Clark - President, REI Service Corporation

"Your patience and cooperation with the unique requirements of this project were greatly appreciated. I am pleased to further recommend you as a highly qualified Construction Manager.”
Lee Berard - Principle/Partner, Berard Martel Architecture, Inc.

"Please accept my apology for this much past due letter of appreciation for your superb work on our 40,000 square foot Ashley HomeStore building in South Portland, Maine. We had only excellent experiences with you all and are extremely satisfied with the end product. Our past experiences with many contractors were good, however dealing with you and all the sub-contractors that you all used were a delight.

They were quality minded, enthusiastic and very appreciative. The professionalism of all of them including the electricians, painters, wood finishers and all other people were far superior than we have ever expected. The character that both Mike and Ross demonstrated throughout the entire project was excellent. Their sense of humor, dedication to the process and the understanding of what is needed to make a work site enjoyable and efficient are extraordinary. We can only give you our full appreciation for all that you have done.”
Peter S. Redman – President, Northern Mattress Company

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so very much for a great job on our project. Being able to work around our class schedule and minimizing any down time here was really terrific. You were able to complete the total renovation without having to cancel any classes which saved me a lot of money. It’s hard to believe this building was transformed from what it was in just 6 weeks. You should hear all the wonderful compliments all the parents and kids have had. We have already increased our enrollments by 100 students. Again, thank you for all your hard work."
Paul M. Shea, Owner, Gym-Ken Gymnastics, Inc.

"I wanted to write and thank you for doing such a great job managing our construction project. Being able to coordinate all the subs and keep on schedule is no easy task. You handled all concerns promptly and professionally and quite frankly, put my mind at ease. I had complete confidence that your new facility would be all I had hoped and I was not disappointed.

Thank you for everything Mike, if I can be of any help to you, let me know. I’ll be sure to recommend your company to anyone I know who is planning a construction project.”
Joseph W. Grigas – President, J.W. Feet & Equipment, Inc.

"Just wanted to take a minute to express our gratitude for all the work you did on our building project. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and we appreciate it!

Construction of this magnitude is quite overwhelming to most people. We couldn’t have gotten such an excellent facility without a top-notch construction manager. Thank you for accepting the project and please feel free to use our building as an example of your talents to prospective clients. We wish you a joyous holiday season!”
Melanie D. Ludwig, Prestige Auto Body, Inc.

Subcontractor Testimonials

"Having just celebrated our 10th anniversary in business I reflect back over the years and think about some of the constructions companies we really enjoyed working for, and your name comes to mind at the top of the list.

As a subcontractor we have to rely heavily on the G.C. or C.M. as to our own success, for example. The G.C. needs to be well organized, this will make for a more efficiently run job, from concept to completion, this goes right to the bottom line for both of us, and also insures the owner for a great job, on time and on budget. We look forward to working as part of your team again in the future. I’m sure we will be hearing from you soon with new opportunities to work together again. I look forward to this.”
Patrick Riess-Member, Riess Constructions, LLC

"For the past ten to fifteen years, Granite State Glass has done several projects with MFK Associates. The jobsites are always well maintained and directed professionally and efficiently. MFK has always been able to keep the job on schedule and complete all commitments. In addition, all finances associated with the job have been taken care of in a timely manner. As a sub-contractor, Granite State Glass would not hesitate to work with MFK Associates in the future.”
Jon Covell - Vice President, Granite State Glass

"We have been working with Michael Kanik, President and Ross Robinson, Senior V.P. of MFK Associates for about 5 years now. Going into our first job with them at 455 Simarano Drive Marlboro we were a bit apprehensive. The project had a compressed schedule with a big ticket price tag in regards to the metal stud/drywall package. To our professional delight MFK ran a well-organized, efficient job site.

We have since done many small and large scale projects with MFK and we would highly recommend them as a company and Mike and Ross on a personal level for any size project within their reach. Our company is very impressed with their performance as construction managers and we would highly recommend them for your next construction project.”
Brian Cote – President, Red Line Wall Systems, Inc

"It is my pleasure after working with you as a masonry and concrete subcontractor for over 15 years, to offer this "Letter of Recommendation” to anyone who is thinking of working with MFK Associates. Your prompt response to job issues and changes, professional business nature, and your commitment to a quality finished projects, are all a welcome sight in this industry.

MFK Associates has always paid my invoices on time which is a credit to your commitment in working with subcontractors. Your schedules are always accurate and when you say you’re ready you are. Your approach to each project always provides a harmonious work environment. I always look forward to working with MFK Associates.”
Donald Theriault, Mason Contractor

"I have had the pleasure of doing business with Mike Kanik and MFK Associates for the past 15 years. During that time we have worked on numerous projects together and never have I had a negative experience. Mike and his employees share a concern for doing the job the right way without sacrificing quality and with an emphasis on providing their client with the best possible product.

As a subcontractor to MFK, I have never had any issues with payment in fact, Mike has been known to prompt me to send in an invoice if he was submitting a requisition for payment. That is the type of honest and forthright person he is.”
Mike Cronan – President, Northland Steel Corporation

"I think extremely highly of MFK Associates and therefore it is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on their behalf. I have had the privilege of working with MFK Associates for over 10 years and in those years, MFK Associates has been vital part of R.G. Tombs Door Company’s growth in the construction industry.

MFK Associates is a professional company in all aspects of their business from start to finish. It has been a pleasure to work with MFK Associates over the years. There are many other things I could add, but mainly I’d like to say thanks to MFK Associates and Mike Kanik for years of business and looking forward to many more.”
Richard K. Tombs - R.G. Tombs Door Company Inc.

"I am writing this letter to express the extreme professionalism that MFK has demonstrated during the past four years of us working together. Any and all jobs that I have worked on with MFK have always started promptly on time and have been completed just as prompt. MFK is also very professional in keeping their word. When they agree to setting a goal they have the utmost respect and consideration for anyone involved in helping them reach that goal. It has been my honor and pleasure to have had the chance to work alongside MFK for the past four years and look forward to keep working with them in the future. Thank you for your time.”
William Moglia - Owner of Century Plumbing

"This letter provides my recommendation for MFK Associates. I have worked on several projects with them. I find them to be professional, efficient and able to complete work in a timely fashion.”
Floyd J. Brown, Jr. - Floyd J. Brown, Jr. Construction Company, LLC

"John Ryan Company, Inc. has been an electrical subcontractor of Michael Kanik, president of MFK Associates Inc. for many years. We find Michael and MFK Associates to be a well-organized contractor who consistently completed their projects on schedule. MFK Associates are very conscientious about paying their subcontractors in a timely manner and paid their invoices when due. I highly recommend Michael and MFK Associates.”
John S. Ryan – President, John S. Ryan Company, Inc.

"It has been a pleasure working with you and MFK Associates on our past roofing projects. We found you to be courteous and highly skilled in your profession. We thank you for your professionalism and appreciate your attention to payment schedules. We hope to work with you again soon.”
Richard Ezold Sr. – President, D and R Roofing Co., Inc.